Monday, 29 March 2010

A Note on Abstract Expressionism

Abstract Expressionism has been mentioned on a number of occasions throughout this blog. It is perhaps America’s stand against other media. The purity argued by Clement Greenberg is interesting, but at this moment I favour something anti-formalist.

I take pleasure in John Squire’s exuberant appropriation of Pollock or Ralph Rucci’s homage to Cy Twombly.

John Squire, Bye Bye Badman, 1988, oil on canvas

Cy Twombly Untitled 1970

"Twombly Swan" white silk gazar gown with embroidery and beading by Lesage
Chado Ralph Rucci, Ready-to-wear spring/summer 2002
Collection of Ralph Rucci

I am drawn to abstract expressionisms scale and grandness: scalessness? It is also its all overness that is also very effective in both painting and photography: a wholeness of gesture.

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