Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Digital Imaging and Photography Production II

The working title for project two is Dialogues in the Cities. Project 2:
  • Aims to build upon previous approaches to digital imagin
  • An attempt move away from imagery that is inward looking. 
  • An attempt to create work that has a social context. 

Pablo Picasso Glass and Bottle of Suze November 1912. A recent reproduction.

Picasso's collage seems to represent the public sphere in some way: the cafe and the newspaper. It also presents us with an image of modernist consciousness. I like Patricia Leighton's use of Charles Baudelaire to describe this image as a "true painting of modern life".

Rodchenko Photomontage For "About This" by Vladimir Mayakovsky 1923

The Rodchenko photo-montage is fascinating because of the way in which communications technologies are represented. It is as if the communication, the phone call, takes place through the medium of the city.

Dialogues in the Cities (2010)

Dialogues in the Cities (The Ecstasy of Communication: After Baudrillard) (2010)

The above pieces are attempts at combining and re-combining text and image and theory and practice. The top image is an unsuccessful combination of photographic imagery and a film still from Hans Richter's Dreams that Money can Buy.  

The bottom image presents a series of photographs combined with text from Jean Baudrillard's "The Ecstasy of Communication" from Hal Foster's Postmodern Culture  1987 p.132. 

This image is attempt to compress a variety viewpoints and representations into one moment.

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