Sunday, 2 January 2011

Robert Longo 3: New Order "Bizarre Love Triangle" (1986)

In this video for New Order's "Bizarre Love Triangle" Longo uses elaborate layering of imagery and "toys with the small screen by splitting it in highly inventive ways" (Diekmann, 1990 p.136)

The "screen divides vertically into four panels, each with a different moving picture struggling for attention against its neighbor" (Diekmann, K, 1990 p.136). He does this through the imagery being "shredded" in which "a random, time-based pattern, generated through a computer", making the "images of the performers appear striated and 'torn'" (Diekmann, 1990 p.136). Other elements of the video are "relegated to a small, horizontal strip at the bottom of the screen" (Diekmann, 1990 p.136)
Diekmann, K, (1990) "Small-Screen Stimulus: The Film and Video Work" in Fox, H., Robert Longo New York: Rizzoli pp.129-141.

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