Thursday, 24 February 2011

Michael Wolf: 2

In this clip of Michael Wolf's talk at Aperture, he begins with talking about his background in photography and how he started his career. Describing his process from studying with Otto Steinert in Germany, his editorial work to the development of his artistic career when he decided to move to Hong Kong.

Wolf explains how he develops his topics conceptually and how China's unpredictability has inspired him many series including dilapidated hybrid chairs in the streets; local artists reproducing art works and how these fake works affect the value of art; toy factory workers and a massive installation of children's toys made in China; as well as a series documenting Hong Kong during the SARS epidemic.

Coinciding with the exhibition at Aperture Gallery and the release of its accompanying monograph, The Transparent City, Michael Wolf gave a talk on November 10, 2009. His large-scale colour photographs of downtown Chicago’s buildings and their inhabitants examine public versus private space in the context of 21st-century urban life.

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