Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Giselle Beiguelman: "Sometimes Always, Sometimes Never, Sometimes" 2003

The above footage features two video projects called Sometimes Always and Sometimes Never, both from 2005 by the artist Giselle Beiguelman. This work shows hows mobile devices such as  mobile phones "can become an impromptu interface and a vehicle or participate in an artwork" (Paul, C., 2008, p. 223). These projects consist of images shot on mobiles by visitors to a gallery space.

"In the gallery, the audience can use a keyboard and mouse to edit, in real time, the order and position of the frames on the screen and to impose coloured filters on the images" Paul, C., 2008, p. 223-224). The result in Sometimes Always "is a dynamic mosaic palimpsest" while is similar to the visual effects I am interested in achieving in my work" (Paul, C., 2008, p. 224). Sometimes Never "creates unstable saturated palimpsest" where "added colour saturation triggers a process of erasing" that means that "no action can never be repeated" (Paul, C., 2008, p. 224). The works "create a (de)generated video that is composed and decomposed (Paul, C., 2008, p. 224).

Paul, C., (2008)  Digital Art, London: Thames and Hudson

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