Friday, 6 May 2011

Johannes Kahrs

 Finally Accept Fate (2002)

In the catalogue for the exhibition "The Movement of Images" (2006) it states that Johanne's Kahr's I Finally Accept Fate "is a work emblematic  of the temporal space in which the works" of the artist "are situated" (Racine, p.125).

Kahrs "favours drawings (even though he also makes videos) to amplify, using editing effects, the emotive and narrative charge of photographic images and film sceneshe has selected (p.125). In the above image "Kahr has used charcoal drawing to focus on the hands glimpsed in images of American political life. Suspended on a black back ground and placed outside of any context, their gestures form an ambiguous drama with mystical overtones" (Racine, p.125).

Racine (2006) The Movement of Images Paris: Pompidou Centre

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