Friday, 17 June 2011


Many of the shapes that photography is forced into by Photosynthing recalls the abstraction of constructivism. Featured here is a  Tatlin, or at least a reconstruction by Martyn Chalk. The work is Corner Relief from 1915. The reconstruction was made in 1982 (there may be more than one reconstruction of this particular sculpture as I have seen one dated 1979 and another 1980). Is not the title Corner Counter-Relief, a term that Talin adopted in 1914, "as if to signal a dialectical advance in his constructions since they extended from the wall" to act as a "counter" to architecture, painting and sculpture (Foster, 2004 p. 127).

 Tatlin's work was informed by Picasso's cubist collages and sculptures and constructions. Tatlin would use  "proletariat stuff of the workshop- wood, scraps of iron and copper, wire and rope, string and nails" ( Weston, R., 1996 p. 146).


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