Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Jan Dibbets: 2

Dutch artist Jan Dibbets made these photo collages  for the Musée Zadkine in Paris in 1994. The use of photography by Jan Dibbets, it is argued, “is abstract” or “rather non-realistic” (Fuchs and Moure, 1991 p.13). This is “because it does interrupt the visual process of perception by imposing precise forms” (Fuchs and Moure, 1991 p.13). The aim of these photoworks is “to ‘deconstruct’ the consistent appearance of visual space conventionally represented in photography”, by multiplying viewpoints, fragmenting exposure times and grading shades of light” (Fuchs and Moure, 1991 p.181).

Fuchs and Moure, (1991) Jan Dibbets,  Interior Light: Works on Architecture 1969-1990 Barcelona: Ediciones Polâ ̧grafa .

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