Monday, 7 December 2009


Hello and welcome! This is the first of hopefully many entries to my production planning (b)log for an MA in Digital Imaging & Photography at Lincoln University.

This blog gives the author the opportunity to discuss research, make connections and acts as a diary that records any developments as a....(wait for it!) a thinker (lol) and a creative.

I am late with this blog, mainly because I have not worked on the web for nearly ten years, well not directly anyway. I am also less starry eyed about the web. Less sure. I am not entirely comfortable with sharing my thoughts and ideas within this context, but then why bother having them. Why be worried about any level of scrutiny and criticism?

The course began in late September, we are now in week 11, so I thought I had better make a start and join the rest of the MA community on-line. The course is divided between theory and critical units and three major practical projects spread out over the course of two years. I must confess that my main interests lay in theory and history, but in terms of practice I make digital collages/paintings. I will be posting examples.

The current theory unit “Media Technologies and the Public Spheres” has been immensely enjoyable and challenging and opens up for me some startling debates about media practices , audiences and the impact of technologies on culture and society and visa versa. My background is largely fine art and so although many of the critics and theorists are familiar to me, having to explore them in a media context is immensely helpful. I'll try to comment further about this.

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  1. I gave this opening statement a polite round of applause from the comfort of my living room.

    I especially liked the "lol".