Friday, 18 June 2010

Feedback and Reflection

The external has brought up some very interesting observations about my work. It certainly reinvigorated my thinking and energised my reading of the imagery produced by myself and imagery in general.

The externals reading of the work helped to identify problems within the first project. The first part of the work which is called Deepest Autumn seems to be, as I suspected, the most convincing – although this depends on the format or the type of technology it is represented upon (a monitor  or via a projector) the first three minutes the transitions within the montage seem too slow.

The second section, Intimations seems sloppy. The painterly nature of the first section takes a back-seat. The transitions also happen too quickly. A flower dominates part of the second montage sequence.  The external questioned the use of such a motif, arguing that such a forceful graphical element creates a vortex, drawing the eye towards it.  The effect undermines the attempt to evenly distribute the eyes attention across the imagery. The dominant motif undercuts and disrupts the attempt at an all-over design that flows naturally.

The Irritated gaze section suffers from the inclusion of striking yet unsubtle and possibly clich├ęd imagery. The eye montage is full of mistakes and there are errors within the sequencing that causes a disruption to the narrative.

The comments and the time taken to reflect upon them have proved extremely helpful. Now it is a case of correcting these problems and finding ways of improving on the work.

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