Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Tracy Holland

I have been a fan of Tracy Holland's photographer for some time. I have briefly written about her art. The work is complex or at least seems so. The maximalist, bricolage and mixed-media approach to image making is overwhelming. Each piece compresses a lot of narrative, memory and feeling. Usually the narrative is a fairy tale: a Brothers Grimm or Charles Perrault.

I am particularly fascinated by the combination of real objects and there traces: in shadow or projected. Some of the figures in Magic, Murder and the Weather recall the blueprint figure pictures that Rauschenberg did, usually in collaboration with Susan Weil, in the late 1940s and early fifties.

Above all her work shows what can be imaginatively done with photography in terms of how we interface with it.

Three Cornered House

Three Cornered House installation 1992

Mortal Remains

Incubus 1989

Green Earth's End

'Green Earth's End' installation

The Twelve Keys:

The Twelve Keys installation at Dean Clough, Halifax, U.K. 9 old window frames hung end to end with phtographic transparencies, objects, lights


'Vessel' installation panel image no.39

'Vessel' installation panel image no.13

Magic, Murder and the Weather:

Bluebeard series no.3

Bluebeard series no. 4

Bluebeard series no. 6

Magic, Murder and the Weather
installation shot, detail of What Came Picking Jessamine series

Eye of Heaven:

01 'Eye of Heaven' part i. installation shot at MAC

Eye of Heaven series i no.01

Eye of Heaven series i no.02

The Almond Tree:

'The Almond Tree' part i. lightbox image 01

'The Almond Tree' part i. lightbox image 02

'The Almond Tree' part i. lightbox image 03

'The Almond Tree' part i. lightbox image 04

Electric Light Series

States of Matter exhibition Folly Gallery 'Elecro-Light' series

Resurrection Stories

Projection image 01-blood flow lungs and heart

Projected image- Coral

Projected still image 02 lungs

Projected still Christ's Tear


Tracy Holland's official site: http://www.traceyholland.co.uk/

My own review of the exhibition Magic, Murder and the Weather and Pat McCarthy's Now Wait for Last Year, (both commissioned by Leeds Metropolitan University Gallery 2001) can be seen at Culture Wars: http://www.culturewars.org.uk/2001-7/hollandmccarthy.htm

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