Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Digital Culture 2

Week 2: Social Networking and the 'Technological Unconscious'

Today's Digital Culture session was interesting. I am not sure about Scott Lash's idea of Post-Hegemonic Power. I remain to be convinced. I must add an entry about this..... and read a book

It has been argued that we are moving away from narrative, and a narrative culture: a process of 'knowing' and understanding the world, is actually dying, as a consequence of digitization. It is argued is the world under the auspices of new media where information is organised into databases: where narratives demand closure , digital narratives can never be complete. The database is the new notion of the bardic function that reshapes social relationships and democratizes the public sphere.

Phatic Technology and Modernity :

I am reminded of Robert Hughes criticism of McLuhan and the culture of glut..... must add.

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