Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Current Developments 5

New work: new developments.

The orbs of light seem to reveal spaces, like those within dark rooms.

The painted surafaces fuse with photographic imagary from screens depicting trees and natural forms.

The leaf motif recalls the photogram and the early experiments of Fox-Talbot.There is also the beginnings within this picturing of a fusing of other media: televisual/stills from the 1940s film Great Expectations. It also includes photographs of real objects, spaces and places.

The imagery draws upon a wealth of technologies and there histories. There is solarization, photogram and negative imagery. Slight modulation in opacity of one layer of imagery can have a profound effect on the image as a whole.

Solarization, light bursts and a silvery colour add to a kind of nostalgia or longing that is provoked by the medium of photography.

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