Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Current Developments: 3

The intention of this current project is to re-present visual mechanisms of hallucinations as described by M. H Keeler (1970). These examples seemed to be related to the descriptions of migraine auras which inspired a large body of my work. The aim is create a series of digital images that transform over a period of time to suggest a slowness of looking. The intention is to unify key interests: Collage/Digital Collage/Montage/Projections, Photographic material/found imagery, photogram imagery, with an idea of slow looking. Max Ernst is the catalyst for these ideas. His frottage pictures and the manner in which he observed his subjects serve as a kind of basis for experimentation and investigation. Ernst was partly inspired by the writing of Leonardo and his Treatise on painting and Max Ernt's own essay “Inspiration to Order” 1932.

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